Brain waves to detect potentially harmful personal information

Recently, more than 500 million passwords were stolen when Yahoo revealed its security was compromised, every other day, a new report of hackers gaining access to private or sensitive information comes to light.

Fingerprint scans and iris identification are just two types of security methods. Fingerprints can be stolen and iris scans can be replicated. Nothing has proven foolproof from being subject to computer hackers.

Now brain waves can tell more about a person than just his or her identity. It could reveal medical, behavioral or emotional aspects of a person that, if brought to light, could be embarrassing or damaging to that person.  And with EEG devices becoming much more affordable, accurate and portable and applications being designed that allows people to more readily read an EEG scan, the likelihood of that happening is dangerously high.

“The EEG has become a commodity application. You can buy an EEG device that fits on your head just like a pair of headphones, now there are apps on the market, brain-sensing apps where you can buy the gadget, download the app on your phone and begin to interact with the app using your brain signals.”