STM Conferences is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and experience of academic education worldwide as one of the leading educational conferences. It attracts its shareholders (students, faculties, reasearchers) from all across the world which brings a richness of sharing with, and learing from, each other. Networking and collaboration are promoted throughout the conference. It conduct educational seminars conferences/ workshops.

How you can join with STM Conferences:

  • Organize an educational conference with us.
  • Join us as publication partners for your conferences
  • Conduct workshops and seminars with us


  • Organizing Seminars/ Conferences/ Events support cobranding of both the partners
  • Quick support for publication of research work
  • Subject wise blogs to promote the events and research work
  • Publicity for Institution and Department to key stake holders globally
  • Exposure to indian and International events and associated peer group

Recently conducted conferences:

  • CCNE Nursing 2018
  • Archvil 2018
  • NSTC Nanotech 2018

Associate with us to:

  • Jointly organize events
  • Promote your conference
  • Publish your conference proceedings
  • Participate in industry/ academic ready conferences