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International Journal of Algorithms Design and Analysis

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International Journal of Algorithms Design and Analysis

The advanced database management & systems original research on all facets of database management, systems analysis and design, and software engineering. The primary origin of this journal is to be instrumental in the improvement and development of theory and practice related to information technology and management of information resources. The journal is targeted at both academic researchers and practicing IT professionals.

Type of Publication : Peer-reviewed Journal
Language : English
Journal DOI : 10.37591/IJADA
Started Since : 2015
2022 Volume : 7
Issues Per Year : 2
Indexing :  Google Scholar
Affiliation : Centre for Excellence: Computer Science and Engineering
Impact Factor/Ranking : NA
Type of Access : Subscription Based, Hybrid Open Access
Mode of Subscription : Print, Online and Print+Online
Publisher : STM Journals, Consortium e-Learning Network Pvt. Ltd.
Online Publishing Platform : Open Journal Systems
Country of Origin : India.
Focus & Scope

  • Divide and Conquer
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Greedy Algorithms¡ Back  Tracking
  • Algorithmic Languages
  •  Divide-and-conquer Algorithm
  •  Dynamic Programming
  • Amortized Analysis 
  • Linear Programming
  • Linear-time Sorting 
  • Advanced Algorithm Design
  • Randomized Algorithms
Research Thoughts

Research means that you don’t know, but are willing to find out.
- Charles F. Kettering


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