Journal Of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks
Journal Of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks focuses on original research and practice driven application with relevance to trending software engineering tools and its technology. All article included are peer-reviewed by scholars with colossal experience in the same fields. Dynamic programming, amortized analysis and linear programming are major focus areas.
Call for Papers
STM  invites researchers, scholars and authors to submit their original and extended research to publish in peer reviewed international research journal. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed, publish in online and online print version.
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JoMCCMN maintains all published papers in OARD (Open Access initiative by IoMCCMN) which provides open access to published research. We index all published papers with Google ScholarBASE, Citeseer, Academia and other indexing partners. JoMCCMN indexed in Google Scholar with SJIF: 4.949.
December 2021 edition (Volume 11, Issue 3)
 DOI No :-10.37591/ n   JoMCCMN
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 Frequency :- Three  issues per year (April, August and   December).
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Objective and In-Depth review from more that 2 editors
 ISSN and Impact  Factor :- 2349-901X  and 4.925.
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 15 working days to first decision and quick hands on author support
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 JoMCCMN is  Hybrid open access journal. 
To submit, send your research paper to [email protected] for review.
Publication Fee : USD($) 55 / EUR 50 / INR 3750 or equivalent.
Issues of journals print in 3 time period i.e. 1st issue from January to April 2nd issue from April to August 3rd issue from  August to December.
Focus and scope
  • Cellular networks.
  • Channel allocation, multiple access, location management , handoffs.
  • Wireless transmission basics.
  • MAC protocols, routing, transport, ad-hoc.
  • Networking GSM, HSCSD, GPRS.
  • Satellite and broadcast systems.
  • Mobile internet protocols.
  • Mobile business apps using the  sybase unwired platform.
  • Security, scalability, and reliability issues.
  • Mobile ad hoc and sensor networks.
  • Power management and control algorithms.
  • Wearable computing and networking,
  • STM review and Publications
    •  Research Paper
    • Case Studies
    • Analytical papers
    • Argumentative papers
    • Survey research and data analysis in all discipline.
    STM Journal publication includes theoretical, practical and empirical paper in all areas of engineering and sciences. However, STM enlists the below areas from Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Medical Science, Geology, Statistics, Accounting, Social Science, Mathematics, Management and Economics without putting any cap on the uncovered ones.
    After publication, authors will be issued :
    •  Digital publication Certificate.
    • Journal link and individual research paper open access weblink.
    • Complete Journal (e-book) along with cover page.
    • Indexing with BASE (Bielefeld University Library), Google Scholar, Citeseer, Open Access Research Database and other indexing partners.